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Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the 1st World Science and Technology Development Forum
2019-10-16 11:19

Xinhua News Agency Oct.16th

The 1st World Science and Technology Development Forum held in Beijing on Oct.16th. President Xi Jinping sent a Congratulatory Letter to the forum.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the new round of technology revolution and industry revolution has been promoted constantly. Science enjoyed in-depth coordinated development with economy, society, culture and ecosystem, which impacts the revolution of human civilization and global governance development system profoundly. Technology-driven innovative sustainable development has become the necessary path for countries to address the concerned important global issues.

President Xi Jinping emphasizes that China sticks to opening up and cooperation, to combining the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda and our countries' own development strategies and national conditions so that we can pursue a development path of higher quality, efficiency, equality and sustainability. I hope the forum could provide wisdom and power for building a community of shared future by facilitating the cooperation among all countries' scientists, educators and entrepreneurs, seeking common ground, exchanging ideas and deepening cooperation.

Source: Xinhua News Agency


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