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PaddlePaddle Industry-level Deep Learning Open-Source Platform
2019-10-10 10:49

Hosts of Launch/Release Event:

Wang Haifeng CTO of Baidu

Wang Chenglu Consumer BG Software President of Huawei

AI has become the strategic technology driving the new round of technology and industry reform. It is leading human society into a smart era. Much of that progress was attributed to the breakthrough in deep learning technologies, as well as open source deep learning framework, and the AI technology advance and industry ecosystem prosperity brought by platform development.

Deep learning framework is just like the Windows of PC era, the Android/iOS of mobile era, it is the operating system of the smart era. It serves as the link between both application and chips.

Paddle Paddle Industry-level Deep Learning Open-source Platform (hereinafter referred to as Paddle Paddle) is based on the years of experience deep learning technology research and business application of Baidu. At the same time, it is equipped with in-depth cooperation with chip companies such as Huawei, and gathered the deep learning core framework, basic model base, end to end development set, tools set and service platform. It officially becomes open source in 2016, and it is an all-round open source, technology advanced, functions well equipped industry-level deep learning open-source platform.

Paddle Paddle’s four characteristic international leading technologies include as follows:

(1)Based on programming logic’s deep learning framework technologies, Paddle Paddle can support declarative and imperative programming and feature both flexibility and stability of development.

 (2) Super large scale of deep learning model training technologies could realize the training and real-time updates of the deep learning model of hundreds trillions of parameters.

(3) Support end-to-end deployment, realize the optimization of both software and hardware, and high-performance interference engines for multiple platforms and ends.

(4)Cross-model generic linguistics facing industry application as technologies will cover industry-level model bases in multiple fields with open sources.

On the basis of global leading core technologies, Paddle Paddle provides industry-level development tool kits facing application tasks for developers, comprehensive components and multiple service platforms that support low-threshold application deep-learning technologies.

The open sources and opening up of Paddle Paddle has lowered the technology threshold of AI and expedite technology innovation, which has been widely applied to innovation, industry development and talent cultivation, thus facilitating the intelligent upgrade of all industries and expediting economic development and social progress.